LänsiAuto for Business Partners

LänsiAuto as a Company

LänsiAuto is one of the largest automotive groups in Finland and Baltics. The family-owned company was established in 1978. Since last six years the company has been growing fast and has doubled its sales with total sales close to 400 million euros.

Company’s vision is to be the most valuable business partner for its customers and stakeholders. The most important values are customer oriented approach in everything and constant development. LänsiAuto Group employs altogether more than 500 professionals. The headquarters is located in Herttoniemi, Helsinki.

Car Sales

LänsiAuto runs eight authorized dealerships in Southern part of Finland and represents well-known brands like for example Opel, Jaguar, Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz. LänsiAuto is the largest dealer in Finland for Opel and Honda. In addition to new car sales, all outlets offer also a selection of used cars. LänsiAuto Group sells annually 8 000 new and 15 000 used cars.

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Importer Business

LänsiAuto is the official importer for Opel passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Finland and Baltic countries. The group is one the largest private partners of the the PSA Groupe; importing more than 10 000 vehicles to Finnish and Baltic markets annually.

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LänsiAuto Rent

LänsiAuto is the official franchising partner for the world’s largest rental car company Enterprise which operates in Finland with three globally known brands Enterpise, National and Alamo. Enterprise serves already in 9 locations, including the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The versatile rental car fleet includes altogether 500 cars.

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LänsiAuto Leasing

LänsiAuto is offering leasing financing and fleet management services for companies and comprehensive private leasing services for private customers. The key idea is to offer all services from same place and make it as easy and effortless as possible for the customer.

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Service and Damage Repair

LänsiAuto offers authorized brand specific service for multiple brands. Damage repair and paintwork has been centralized to Vantaa. All our professionals are constantly trained for the latest brand specific systems and technologies and customers will be always served with the latest know-how.

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For more information about LänsiAuto Group, please contact PR Manager Johanna Laune johanna.laune@lansiauto.fi.

LänsiAuto Group 2012-2018

LänsiAuto Group 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Sales (MEUR) 143 546 185 387 212 294 229 136 280 755 310 073 318 812
EBIT 1 640 2 008 3 523 5 466 6 538 6 542 7 143
ROE 5,00 % 5,30 % 6,20 % 9,60 % 11,80 % 9,20 % 9,80 %
Total PC car sales in Finland 111 251 103 450 106 236 108 812 118 991 118 583 120 499

LänsiAuto Group Management

LänsiAuto Group Name Email
CEO Tommi Köninki tommi.koninki@lansiauto.fi
CFO Laura Köninki laura.koninki@lansiauto.fi
Head of LänsiAuto Dealerships Juha Vatanen juha.vatanen@lansiauto.fi
Head of Corporate Sales Kalevi Köninki kalevi.koninki@lansiauto.fi
Head of IT Antti Nevalainen antti.nevalainen@lansiauto.fi
Head of Marketing Elina Kopra elina.kopra@lansiauto.fi
General Manager at Enterprise Finland Martin Kullas martin.kullas@lansiauto.fi